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Alapha4 Release is out.

It can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=96795
To run
server: java -jar xmud.jar srv
client: java -jar xmud.jar cnt localhost
monster manager: java -jar xmud.jar mm localhost

You can see new screenshots here

If you want to create new areas you need to download the NWN Toolset (~240 MB) from http://nwn.bioware.com. You also need the ctools provided by http://nwn-j3d.sourceforge.net. Once you have downloaded the programs you will need to extract the individual terrain tiles from the bif files. You can do that using nwnunbif.exe. Second you need to use mdl2ascii.exe to convert the mdl files to ascii. Third modify xmud.properties and set nwn_terrain to the tileset directory. When you create a new area with the toolset you will need to execute nwnunmod.exe to decode the module, and then execute utxdump.exe on the .are file.


Bad News. My server in Boston has gone down and I can not fix it remotely. In order to test the system you would need to run the server and client locally.


Important: Fixed problems with client. Please download new xmud.jar file.

The file can be downloaded from: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/xmud/xmud.jar?download


Created executable jar.

You can now download a single file to execute the xmud client or server. The file contains all xmud code, needed libraries, and media files. You still need to install java 1.4.0 and Java3d 1.3. Additionally you need mysql if you plan to run the server.

The file can be downloaded from: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/xmud/xmud.jar?download


First public server is running.

After much work with networking I am finally satisfied with bandwidth usage. A public server has been configured at In order to connect you need the alpha_3 release. Just type java org.xmud.server.Client

I hope you enjoy it and submit lots bugs ;-)


Lots of work on networking and movement optimization. Getting closer to launching public game server. In order to get the code with the following changes please use CVS.


New version released. New features include:


XMud is an extensible MUD. It in inspired in LambdaMOO and LPMUD. As those sytems XMud allows users to extend the system at run time by creating new objects. Objects are Java classes that follow certain rules with respect to manipulating the state.

XMud was designed with with scalability in mind. The system may be composed of N servers and M clients. Each server is nothing more that a state manager that controls reading, writing, and locking state elements. Methods are executed at the client level and generate state change requests that are sent to the server.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the system, a method verification module has been put in place. Each time a method generates a state change request it must notify the server of the method, parameters and initial conditions that generated the change. The server may choose to re-execute the method at a trusted machine and compare the results. Method verification prevents situations in which clients modify the code of known objects to perform illegal actions (i.e. a player that walks on water).

The current implementation of XMud provides the core infrastructure for server/server server/client communications, state management through object serialization and Mysql, a graphics engine written entirely in Java3D capable of importing VRML models, Never Winter Nights models, animation engine, particle system, and a very limited library of game objects including players and monsters based on the d20 rpg system.

You can find a more complete description of the architecture here


The core system is in alpha state. An initial version of the system including a very simple implementation of an object library has been released. You can download it here. You can also see some screenshots here.


Much help is needed. If you want to contribute please contact me at: hgonzalez@mindspring.com

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